Time for a Major Pizza Innovation

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The other day I took my girlfriend to an amazing Viking pizza restaurant here in Sydney (it’s too new to have a website, but for the locals: it’s in Oxford Street about two blocks from Bondi Junction mall, on a corner; it’s called Sven’s). Highly recommended, they have some amazingly unique Swedish-style pizza that tastes great!

The problem when we go to any pizza restaurant (not just Sven’s) is that we both like pizza with either prociutto or sliced smoked salmon toppings. These are always “assymetrically distributed”: some slices of the pizza have a large amount of prosciutto on them and others only small bits. So then we have to negotiate and come to an agreement on who gets what slice of the pizza, based on the distribution of the prosciutto etc.

The same goes for the rest of the ingredients: the olives, artichokes, chorizo, lumps of steak, cheese etc. are not evenly loaded onto the pizza (I know that they are more evenly loaded at the big pizza chains who use semi-automated systems, but even there there’s room for improvement).

On top of all that, the “design” of the pizza top is pure chaos. All the bits are just thrown around without much of a pattern, save for the direction most of the sliced prosciutto or salmon is pointing in, if the pizza has such a topping.

When I was munching on that excellent pizza at Sven’s (we had half-and-halves prosciutto etc. on the one half and salmon etc. on the other), it occurred to me that the pizza top is like a canvas. It is time someone invented a way to not only distribute the toppings more evenly, but perhaps also incorporate designs into the toppings: the olives in patterns, the cheese in symmetrical swirls, the chorizo in a square grid, the prosciutto and slices salmon in smaller, even slices or snippets tidily distributed in equal, well defined portions on the top of each slice of the pizza. In effect, much like the decorations one finds on a designer cake.¬†However not forgetting, of course, that the taste is the most important issue, so the taste requirement of the pizza should guide the distribution of the ingredients, not the other way around.

Perhaps handheld tools or slightly bigger machines can be invented that can easily distribute toppings in patterns. It should not add much to the preparation time of the pizza, or may even reduce it.

I believe the time has come to invent an advanced¬†pizza decoration machine, and also for pizzas in general to go “next level up” by getting a designer top. Heck, the likes of Pizza Hut, Dominos etc. could even “print” their company logos on top of the pizza in ingredients.

If you like this idea and you work in a type of industry where this is relevant, I would be happy to discuss in more detail, answer questions or assist in other ways. For details and contact information please see the “About itimes3” page.

George Spark

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