What’s Up?

Updated: November 2008

The aim of this page is to provide a quick update on the activities of yours truly, inasfar as they may interfere with the regular cadence of posts to the itimes3 blog, or just to provide some news. So here’s the latest:

For now, I have stopped adding content to this blog.

Originally, I wanted to use it as a showcase for my capacity to generate many new ideas and innovations, and at the time I had more quiet time which enabled me to think up, reflect on and write the posts to the blog.

In the past two months, my situation has changed, and I have significantly less hours in the day to myself, which means that projects such as this blog had to go on hold.

I’m still out there however, so if you have any questions and would like to contact me, drop me an email (for email address see the “About itimes3” page). 

For those who emailed me in the past: many thanks for your support!

I hope that I can pick up the thread again in the not too distant future.

George Spark

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