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[Random innovations, ideas and inventions conceived by George Spark]

I’ve always had ideas and inventions that I thought would be useful in one way or another to a few or to many people out there. However the steps of actually going through researching, patenting and then marketing inventions are simply too time-consuming and expensive to me so far, and over the years I have dropped and forgotten hundreds of ideas and inventions even though people have encouraged me to “do something with them” on various occasions.

So with that in mind I finally decided to create this blog. It’s perhaps not meant to be a real blog per se, it is more an outlet for my ideas in the hope that someone will find them useful and perhaps take them up commercially, so that they may be put to good use.

Some of the items on the site, you will find, are detailed, whereas others are just outlines. Some are true inventions. Some are mere ideas, and others innovations that could be used to improve existing products or services. Some perhaps are crazy, others more practical, some contemporary, others futuristic. I add what I feel like, and do not impose many rules on myself, so if you think it’s a bit of an odd mix of posts you’re certainly not mistaken.

Also, at times there may be many posts within a short timeframe, whilst there will also be longer breaks when I’m too busy working or perhaps just taking it easy for awhile.

Other than the reasons mentioned above, I also started this blog because it will inspire me to generate more ideas & inventions and crank up the creative engine a notch or two, which are good and useful things.

If you take any of my ideas and commercialize them and it is successful, I would appreciate a modest cut in the proceeds and recognition as the original inventor. However I cannot enforce that obviously, so it would be dependent on your level of gratitude and kind-heartedness. Many thanks in advance for your consideration 😀

The content on this blog was conceived independently by me, however uniqueness is not guaranteed, not least because a number of them appear to be (at least to me) fairly obvious. So before using anything posted on itimes3, do your research (I don’t do any in most cases, just post whatever pops up in my head to the blog).

Whilst this blog covers a wide range of subjects and industries, my background is in the IT industry where I have worked for many years now, in a number of different countries, and in technical and management roles. You can find more info about me by looking me up on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com). I am also on Xing (www.xing.com), but not on any other social networks.

This blog has comments disabled as I have limited time unfortunately, and, within the context of this blog, prefer to concentrate on writing rather than reading for that reason. However if you work in an industry that could use any of my inventions, feel free to contact me via the email address below, as I would be happy to work with you in fine-tuning details etc.

I can also work directly for your company, for example to come up with new ideas, inventions and/or directions for your business; evaluate your business processes and products and services for potential improvements; be part of think-tanks, commissions or the company board; or work as a consultant in any relevant capacity. With a technical and management background in IT, I could also be deployed within that discipline and in addition assist as a consultant to other parts of the company, including R&D. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact me via the email address below.

There are many innovation consultants and inventors out there advertising their services, but there are few (if any) who publish a blog like itimes3 showing how they stack up in the real world. I hope you enjoy the read 😀

Emailed comments are welcome, however due to time constraints I typically only respond to emails with on-topic content, sent from business email addresses from industries relevant to the invention, innovation or idea concerned. Other email will be gratefully read but usually not responded to – apologies for any inconvenience.

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Cheers from Sydney, Australia
George Spark

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